Get to know me!

Hi everyone reading today and in the future I have decided to bring some blogging to my platform because well I think people should read a few of my amazing thoughts, and hopefully be inspired!

Also blogs are kinda the trendy thing right now and I like trendy things, ya know? (Follow me on Pinterest!)

it me


I figured the best way to start was by doing an intro to let you get to know who’s thoughts you’re actually reading. Get to know the face behind the brand and I opted for a quick little Q&A because we know how short attention spans are. So let’s do this thing shall we?

Q: What made you begin photography and later marketing?

My mother was a photographer, shooting wedding and family portraits but I didn’t really find that out until I joined my HS newspaper. On newspaper team I was able to learn about photography and we had our own dark room I could get lost in for hours. I bought an AE-1 and fell in love developing my first roll of film.

HS self portrait
HS self portrait

After HS I was able to intern at The Miami Herald, I learned a lot about culture and consumer through my time as in journalism and I realized I wanted to help people through art rather than present others opinions through the guise of “news.” After two years at Florida State in the Communications, I left with my AA to pursue a Photography and Digital Imaging BFA at Ringling College of Art and Design.

College self portrait
College self portrait
College self portrait
Smoking is bad!
College self portrait

Two weeks before I graduated I was in a car accident and the pedal went through my foot, the front half was at 90 degrees! I went through three reconstructions and still deal with issues today…but that is a whole other story…(future article link 😉 )

I did it…kinda?!

After college, I learned I want to help small businesses present products like commercial studios but available on a smaller scale. I hope to help women business owners grow and learn in community spaces to help each other in the endeavor of marketing with heart at the core.

Q: What 3 words would you use to describe the JLD Imagery and Marketing brand?

Creative content for growth…?

Q:What part of you is in your brand?

I like to bring color and beauty into every job I do. I love to showcase a product and know it can help who ever it goes to feel good.

Q: How do you keep that present throughout what you do as an artist?

I don’t work with mean people

Q: If you weren’t a photographer what would you be doing?

I would want to be Dr. Pimple Popper, shhh don’t tell everyone will know how gross I am!

Q: What things will you be showing in the blog?

Current work, any people I work with, a way to showcase them and accomplishments they have. Marketing tips, some life tips on working in industry…let me know if you want to be my next feature! 😉 😉

Q: What is your goal for the blog?

To perpetuate more business to JLD Imagery and Marketing and support the art statements that make my mind buzz.

So these were the questions a friend of mine put together for me because I mean it’s really, really hard to write about yourself. This is a scientific fact by the way, no need to google it lol. However I want to know you, and you know me so write a question of your own in the comment section and i’m going to answer it for you! No Purple is not my natural hair color, shocker huh?

Until next time….

Ville NW Fashion Awards with editor in chief Charity Mainville and me! <3